Frequently asked questions
What is relexia?
Relexia is a daily, 10 minutes, reading practice routine, aimed for children with reading difficulties and Dyslexia
How does relexia work?
Relexia is based on a unique algorithm that detects the child's reading level by measuring his reactions and accuracy through a set of computer games and exercises. The algorithm uses child performance as the base, and then adopts automatically and seamlessly to the child's progress, creating a personalized reading course.
How does relexia sets the child reading level?
Relexia Analyzes child's performance from the first reading game and concludes the exercise and speed to show next. There are no levels apparent in relexia, this analysis is preformed seamless so you and your child only encounter the practice. relexia's aim is not to categorize the child, it is to let the child practice at his own pace.
Does the system collect personal information on my child?
Relexia uses the child performance data to achieve a personalized training routine, in any case, this data is connected only to the user you've provided and not to any personal identification details of your child.
How about reading accuracy? does the system hear the child's reading?
The system analyzes child performance and does not "hear" or “record” or "correct" the child, no need for a microphone. Accuracy and correction is done by the parent when indicated.
But I know nothing of teaching children to read… How can I teach reading?
Relexia's reading course was created by specialists in reading difficulties, so that no previous experience is required from the parent's part. Relexia's unique design assures through a simple and clear guidance that previous training or preparations are not required from the parent / trainer's part.
In that case, why shouldn't I let the child practice on his own?
Relexia is designed for a parent and a child to work together because we believe effective learning comes from human interaction. Also, children with reading difficulties will rarely practice on their own, reading intimidates them and they tend to avoid it. Finally, we believe the joint effort and pleasant experience will contribute to a unique parent / child's bonding, and empower them both in confronting reading difficulties.
Ok, but do I need to diagnose my child first in order to use this system?
No diagnosis is required, every child that has a difficulty acquiring reading skills can use this system.
In that case, what is the special focus on Dyslexia?
Relexia uses practice of accelerated reading and repetitive reading that were found to be effective in the case of dyslexia. Relexia was designd with dyslectic children's needs on our mind , this is why the design is free from any distractions and the child's attention is always kept on the right representation – the written word.
How often do I have to train the child with Relexia?
Relexia is designed for a daily training session, however, the training routine should be adjusted to each family's routines, so every frequency that suits you would be fine. In order to keep the training fun and pleasant Relexia allows only one practice session a day.
How long do we have to use Relexia in order to see improvement of reading skills?
Improvement is very individual for each child (and for each parent too). Progress is recorded and can always be follow by the parent in the parent zone. To detect change we believe a work of several months is needed.
I’m a busy parent, who can help me train the child with Relexia?
Any reading adult can train the child, A brother, relative and even a private tutor, It is important to find the routine that fits your lifestyle in order to keep practicing.
How do I know if Relexia is good for me?
Reading difficulties comes in many shapes and forms .as parents its not always easy to diagnose the difficulty. Relexia is not a diagnostic tool, it is important to diagnose the difficulty by professionals, but practice in Relexia can be conducted even before or during the child's diagnosis. Relexia adopts to the child reading level in several practices so even if you would like to just practice your child reading you can use relexia.
I’m a parent to a 12 years old child who has poor academic results, can I use Relexia?
It is never late to improve your reading skills. As Relexia adopts to the child's reading level age is not important.
I’m a parent to a first grader, can I use Relexia?
Relexia practices reading and reading fluency it does not teach the basics of reading, if your child is familiar with the basics of reading he can use relexia even at first grade.
Which device shall I use for the training ?
Relexia works on computers and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. For a mobile device to be effective, it is best to use a tablet or a phone with large screen size. Relexia should work well on: 1) IOS devices with IOS 10 and above. 2) Android 4.3 and above, purchased in the last 3 years 3) PC with Windows 4) Mac
What is the best configuration for Relexia ?
The best experience is on tablet devices using Relexia App. Desktop computers with a mouse would be a good choice as well. It is best to have a local internet connection such as WIFI. Relexia requires online stable internet connection.
What browser shall I use ?
Relexia works on most moderm browsers (supporting HTML5). It is best to use latest Chrome versions. On mobile devices we recommend using Relexia’s App for the best experience.