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Relexia offers parents and children the ability to practice reading in a new fun way
Relexia is an online training routine that helps children to improve their reading skills. The training is a parent-child experience in which the parent takes an active role in his child’s training. No previous experience is required.
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Relexia is an online course of reading exercise routine
Developed by learning difficulties experts
Every session is a game
Child’s own pace
Ready to go!
Based on learning difficulties
expert’s experience
Relexia covers various elements of reading, such as decoding skills, fluency, memory and reading comprehension. It is based on the experience of experts in the field of reading difficulties and Dyslexia. Relexia can improve any child's reading and is designed to address children with reading difficulties including Dyslexia.
Ready to go! Just try it
Relexia is designed as a full course ready to go for any parent to train his child. No previous experience is required. Relexia will guide you during the exercise, so no preparation is needed. Relexia’s personalized training is programmed to adopt to your child’s reading skills and proceed at your child’s pace with no reference to levels and outside measures other than your child’s progress.
Feel free to create your routine with your child
Relexia Offers the chance to practice at your convenience, it is available on many devices to ensure you’ll adopt the training routine that fit you lifestyle and your preferences. We, at relexia created a pleasant and bonding training experience to ensure preservation and progress.
Have Fun!
Relexia’s training is a set of dynamic exercises. The sessions are short and engaging to ensure a joyful and pleasant experience. To keep the practice enjoyable only one session a day is possible.